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Creating a Stronger, More Equitable Tomorrow

Many women in precarious situations do not have the technology required to adapt to a digital workplace, hindering their ability to secure stable employment.

Precarious employment is on the rise, disproportionately affecting women, who are more likely to hold multiple jobs and account for 60% of part-time and minimum-wage workers in Ontario. This disparity often leads to living in poverty and negatively impacts health, families, and communities.

The shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has placed additional responsibilities on women, juggling paid work, managing schoolwork, and caregiving for children and elders.

The support we receive from our corporate partners helps our organization alleviate the impact these challenges are having on women.

Explore the Ripple Effect of Corporate Partnership

Our Impact Reports are a testament to the transformative power of corporate partnership and generosity. Dive into these documents and witness first-hand the tangible difference your support is making in women’s lives. The impact of our corporate partners’ social responsibility efforts is not only inspiring but also essential in constructing a shared vision for a more equitable future.

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