Championing Women's Progress for More Than Five Decades

A Future of Equality and Opportunity for All Women

Our organization is guided by a vision where economic and social equality knows no bounds, and all women stand on an equal footing, free to pursue their dreams unencumbered. We have been committed to these core principles since our inception, and they continue to drive every facet of our work.

Our Mission

Times Change integrates counselling, workshops, training and resources to empower women to find sustainable and meaningful ways to earn a living.

Our Vision

Times Change strives for the economic economic and social equality of all women.​

We believe every woman should have the opportunity to thrive in her chosen career, and we work tirelessly to break down the barriers that have historically impeded gender equality.

The Road to Empowerment

Join us on a journey through the remarkable milestones we've celebrated over the years.


Times Change received a Bhayana Family Foundation Award for ‘Team Leadership’ for its commitment to success as a Collective in the aftermath of COVID-19.


At the onset of the pandemic, Times Change pivoted its services online and focused on helping clients with immediate needs. Thanks to United Way, Times Change launched a new service for clients in need of laptops at home, and immediate access to services called ‘Caring Calls’ and the ‘Tech Loan’ program


Times Change is part of a pilot project with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC), an important program that helps immigrant professionals establish a professional network through mentorship in Canada.Times Change embarks on an office move to an even more accessible location in the heart of downtown Toronto


New career workshops are launched thanks to funding from the Employment Ontario Youth Job Link program, the United Way Toronto and York Region’s Women Gaining Ground.Times Change has significant success with its fundraising event Power of 100 Campaign.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Times Change continued to seek out partnerships that align with its remote work. Times Change partnerships expanded to include Palette Skills and Canada Learning Code, and a new opportunity for mentorships with Dell Canada.


The Ontario Society of Senior Citizens Organizations (OSSCO) hosted a successful pilot workshop at Times Change. New partnerships also include information sessions held by the YWCA and resume workshops co-organized with Victim Services Toronto.


Times Change launches the Career Advancement and Mentorship Program (CAMP), a career workshop for women looking to transition from precarious work to more stable employment.


A three-year strategic plan is formulated Times Change partners with Sage 50
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