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The CAMP Experience 

In Our Clients' Words

​”…a phenomenal opportunity to find clarity and direction in the otherwise chaotic process of career transition. the incremental nature of the program not only allows for conscious, actionable decision making that leads to outcomes but the in-depth nature of the process allows participants to move forward with confidence and purpose in moving forward.”

– Tasha, CAMP Graduate

Step Into Your Future

Interested in attending CAMP or intrigued by our other employment services? Take a look at the eligibility criteria.
Am I Eligible?
If you are working fulltime you may want to explore our: Career Exploration for Women (CEW) program or consider purchasing the Career Planning Workbook for Women for self-guided use.

Become a CAMP Mentor

Supporting Women Through Short-Term Mentorship

Our “mini mentorship” program creates a platform for professional women to provide career guidance to women who are unemployed, underemployed, or working in precarious employment but are determined to transition to secure and sustainable employment.

What’s required to become a mentor?

  • At least 2 years of professional industry experience
  • A willingness to guide women in your field
  • The capacity to dedicate 45 minutes for an informational interview

If you’re passionate about shaping the future of women in your industry, reach out to our Mentorship Coordinator and explore becoming a CAMP mentor.

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