Cultivate a Thriving Workplace with Diversity Training

Fostering a Culture of Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion training encompasses a range of educational activities to increase awareness, understanding, and skills related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It equips individuals and organizations with the knowledge and tools to create workplaces where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best.

DEI training is an actionable first step employers can take towards ensuring their businesses are safe, welcoming, and encouraging to all.

Benefits of DEI Training for Businesses

The benefits of DEI training are numerous and well-documented. Studies have shown that companies with diverse workforces experience:

  • Increased profitability: Gender-diverse management teams have shown to increase profitability by 21%.
  • Enhanced market capture: Companies with diverse workforces are 70% more likely to capture new markets.
  • Boosted innovation: Diverse and inclusive teams foster innovation, leading to a 1.7x increase in new ideas and solutions.

The Times Change Breaking Barriers (BB) Program

Key Diversity and Inclusion Training Topics

  • Our DEI training consultations cover a wide range of topics, including:
  • Workplace Assessment: We’ll conduct initial workplace assessments to identify your DEI priorities and develop a roadmap for success.
  • Inclusive Recruitment: We’ll help you broaden your recruitment strategies to reach diverse candidates, update interview questions to eliminate bias, and connect with community partners.
  • Retaining Talent: We’ll implement professional development programs, mentorship initiatives, and employee resource groups to foster a supportive and engaging work environment.
  • Advancement and Leadership: We’ll assist in creating allyship guidelines, identifying mental health resources, and developing sponsorship programs to promote equitable career advancement.

Diverse Perspectives, Inclusive Solutions

Times Change is committed to helping businesses achieve their DEI goals and reap the many benefits of a truly inclusive workplace. Our Businesses Breaking Barriers program offers a comprehensive suite of support services, including:

  • Direct and Personalized Consultations
  • Weekly DEI Mastermind Sessions
  • DEI Guest Speaker Events

DEIB Resources For Employers

Times Change’s DEIB resources for employers can be found in the below pdf:

Click here for resources!!
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