Suzanne was a fierce and determined single mother. It’s hard to believe that she once had low self-esteem and lacked any confidence to move forward in her life. But with our help, Suzanne’s life is much different now, and her she has embraced her newfound confidence in her new career. “My life is very different now…”Here’s what brought Suzanne to Times Change…

I struggled with high school…I tried for social services and I didn’t get accepted into the program. …so I just went on to whatever jobs I could get to make ends meet.After injuring my back, I left my job. I was in my 30’s and I was like this is the time I should have my life together so it was very scary for me. I’ve survived as a single mom in the city and I had to apply for social assistance. I felt very incompetent. I was at a point where I thought “okay, now what?

What services have you used at Times Change and how have they helped?

I found inspiration from different people in different stages of life. When we were in that group, I felt validated. Through the Career Planning Workshop, that’s where I learned that social services is where I want to go.

What is your life like now? 

I graduated and now I am a transitional housing and outreach counsellor. I find this job very fulfilling and meaningful. I definitely relate to the work that I do. I never believed that I would come and be like “I love my job.”

What you give to Times Change…

When you give to Times Change, you’re supporting women to understand their capabilities, what they’re capable of bringing forward to their employers.

​You’re supporting women to walk into that interview and own who they are and what they have to offer. You’re helping women become self-sufficient and sustainable.

When you give to Times Change, you’re not just helping people get jobs, you’re inspiring people. 

Help women like Suzanne by making a donation to Times Change!

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